Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Managing the people-related needs of major acquisitions. Being D&I advocates for under-represented minority groups. Recruiting hundreds of new employees within tight timeframes. Relaunching brands while dealing with major industry disruption. These are just a few of the major accomplishments achieved by this year’s group of stellar HR professionals.

HRDC’s annual Hot List has become a byword for HR excellence and best practice. The 27 professionals profiled here continue to enhance the reputation of HR both within their own businesses and the wider business world.

This group would no doubt agree that it’s a fascinating, if not slightly daunting, time to be in the profession. After years of struggle to be taken seriously at executive and board level, most HR professionals are today acting as trusted advisors to their businesses.

Indeed, it’s remarkable how many people listed on this year’s Hot List mentioned the importance of being seen not just as HR professionals – and therefore being good at the ‘people stuff’ – but also being good at business, period. HR professionals today must look through a lens that views their role in the context of broader business operations. They must know the key business drivers while also excelling at all items traditionally viewed as HR’s responsibility.

From breakthrough strides in D&I to handling delicate workplace negotiations and ensuring their teams keep up with both technology and changing employee expectations, the members of this year’s Hot List are all talented, passionate and successful business leaders.