Gordona Terkalas, Vice president, human resources, Aecon Group

Gordona Terkalas of Aecon Group is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Vice-president, human resources

As the private-sector partner for the L.F. Wade International Airport redevelopment project in Bermuda, sponsored by the Canadian Commercial Corporation, Aecon is responsible for the development, financing, and long-term operation and maintenance of the 40-month project. The project has posed many challenges for Aecon’s HR team, including the transitioning of staff from one entity to the other. As VP of HR, Gordana Terkalas was responsible for structuring the transition strategy into several key segments, including organizational design, talent acquisition, development and assessment, and HR infrastructure.

For OD, the team leveraged the prior operating model to further enhance the new terminal model, highlighting core competencies and capabilities critical to ongoing success.

In terms of HR infrastructure, Terkalas was responsible for developing everything from base compensation and variable pay structures to insurance and pension plans and retirement programs, and for setting up policies on salary administration, general employment, recruitment and performance management.