Yee Makowich, Director of talent, Vision 7 International

Yee Makowich of Vision 7 International is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Director of talent

For the past four years, Yee Makowich has headed the Toronto talent team of Vision 7 International (which includes two creative agencies, two PR firms and a media division under its umbrella) and supported a 38% growth in the people function during her tenure. In 2017 alone, Makowich oversaw the implementation of a national mentorship program, the curation of a robust L&D curriculum for Vision 7 University and the renewal of the company’s onboarding program.

One key initiative Makowich has championed recently is a new flex work program for the media team. Instead of specifying where employees can work or how they should work, Makowich and her team created a program that focuses more on providing the right tools and programs to meet their objectives. Employees are issued a company cell phone in addition to their laptops, and the IT team has worked hard to ensure that working from home, a coffee shop or client locations is the same as working from the office. Vison 7’s people team also introduced Slack, a platform that allows for optimal collaboration and team work without the need for people to be physically in the same location. Managers are able to have ‘stand-up’ virtual meetings daily to ensure team members are on track with expectations.