Alexis Corbett, Managing director, HR and chief HR officer, Bank of Canada

Alexis Corbett of Bank of Canada is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Managing director of HR and chief HR officer

In undertaking the process of modernizing the Bank of Canada’s HR function in late 2015, Alexis Corbett knew it would require the HR team to scale up in order to meet the ambitious goals that were set. Thus, for the past 18 months, Corbett has been focused on the training and development of the HR staff on all fronts.

Corbett and other HR leaders created a multi-pronged development plan to support the team in terms of innovation and engagement, along with an HR innovation strategy that highlighted the prioritized areas of improvement. These led to specific training initiatives for process and project leads, along with participation of all staff on a process improvement activity. The HR leaders also piloted bank-wide training on coaching and feedback, and restructured leadership meetings to include monthly development sessions on specific topics such as fostering innovation and managing poor performance.

In addition to this project, Corbett has also championed a significant transformation of HR programs, services and tools. One key initiative was the redesign of performance management, which entailed changes not just to the process and tools, but to the whole experience for both staff and leaders. This required shifting time and resources to facilitate clear goal-setting and ongoing meaningful conversations.