Anne-Marie Ostiguy, Vice president of human resources, people and culture, Ceridian

Anne-Marie Ostiguy of Ceridian is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Vice-president of human resources, people and culture

Achieving workplace flexibility has been one of the most notable accomplishments for Anne-Marie Ostiguy and her team within the past year. Whether engaged in implementation work or customer support, more Ceridian employees now have the ability to work from home as needed while remaining engaged with their teams and customers. Ostiguy and her team also introduced a program called Take2, which allows employees to take a couple of hours off as needed without impacting their vacation balance or requiring a manager’s approval beforehand, thus demonstrating the high level of trust and empowerment within the Ceridian culture.

Another key focus for Ostiguy over the past few years has been shaping culture. The merger of Ceridian and Dayforce, which combined the former’s domain expertise and customer-focused reputation with the latter’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, has necessitated joining two disparate cultures as one. The new entity also required the creation of a new brand promise and a set of shared values. To equip and empower people to become the best advocates for the organization, the HR team also began to emphasize hiring for cultural fit while facilitating open and continuous feedback from employees, in addition to supporting their growth and development, diversity, and equity.