Ben Bazinet, Vice president, human resources, Horizon North Logistics

Ben Bazinet of Horizon North Logistics is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Vice-president, human resources

When Horizon North’s new CEO decided to centralize the HR function, Ben Bazinet had just taken on the role of VP of HR, and he immediately started planning this significant change, beginning by gaining the confidence of the HR team members and business owners.Once the change in reporting lines was settled, Bazinet dove into the restructuring phase, which led to adoption of a new shared services model that helped centralize policies, align processes and streamline efforts to reduce excessive or duplicate paperwork and efforts.

In 2017, Bazinet helped to lock in the right executive team to expand Horizon North into a new business vertical focused on modular construction, realigned the HR team to provide better and more consistent services at a lower price point, and implemented a metrics-based variable compensation program across the organization to improve goal alignment and accountability.

Bazinet is also known for championing nontraditional hires. He prefers to hire people from different fields, industries and locations, seeing this as key to sourcing dramatically different thought processes and ideas to generate more opportunities for innovation within the organization.