Kim Tabac, Chief talent officer, Deloitte Canada

Kim Tabac of Deloitte Canada is part of Human Resources Director Canada's Hot List 2018

Hot List 2018

Chief talent officer

In 2017, Kim Tabac and her team took on the major initiative of redefining the Deloitte Canada employment experience. To further amplify the employment brand, Tabac reviewed the ways in which the firm attracts, recruits, develops and supports its people, and then implemented a strategy to change traditional impressions of Deloitte both within the firm itself and in the wider talent marketplace.

Just as critically, Tabac has introduced inclusive leadership training to all of Deloitte’s partners and continues to underscore the importance of cognitive diversity in the workplace. In an effort to enable employees to bring their “true authentic selves” to work, Deloitte offers ongoing leadership development opportunities at an in-house educational facility, Deloitte University North, and also provides coaching to employees.

The focus on the employment experience has paid off. Tabac has seen a significant increase in the number of applications for employment at Deloitte Canada, both on and off campus, and the highest employment acceptance rate in the history of the firm, from both students and experienced individuals across industries. Deloitte’s social media channels have also seen a sharp rise in popularity, including a nearly 50% increase in Instagram followers.