HR lands 'vaccine passport' for returning employees

It's the perfect addition to your HR toolkit

HR lands 'vaccine passport' for returning employees

As the world continues to battle the current COVID crisis, HR leaders everywhere are trying everything they can to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of their people. Earlier this week, leading workplace wellness technology company MediKeeper announced an upgrade to their COVID-19 tool – one which allows HR departments to track and identify employee vaccinations. The tolls allows for simple use – showing a ‘VACCINATED’ badge when the worker arrives at their site – the data is then relayed back to the employer.

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HR administrators at EmblemHealth see the app’s new vaccination feature as a significant step forward to creating a safe work environment for returning workers. “We’ve already unveiled the COVID Navigator App to thousands of our employees and we’re excited to see the new capability for employees to show us they have received their COVID vaccines and are ready to safely return to the office,” Tom MacMillan, SVP and Chief Information Officer of EmblemHealth, told HRD.

As vaccinations continue, the new COVID Navigator app supports both employer and employee in their dual quest for ultimate workplace health and safety.

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“MediKeeper’s COVID Navigator reduces the administrative burden of reporting and follow-up and makes it easier for HR to manage the vaccination, screening, tracking, documentation and reporting of cleared and not cleared employees,” said David Ashworth, CEO of MediKeeper. “It’s a quick and easy way for employees to submit their vaccination status and for HR administrators to be notified when an employee has been cleared or enters vaccine information.”

The app gives employers all of the documentation and reporting tools needed to comply with the latest COVID-19 regulations and best practices. If a company is audited at a later date, the COVID Navigator application data will provide valuable insight into the organization’s risk mitigation efforts. 

Speaking directly to HRD, Ashworth added: “The new vaccination tracker, combined with the app’s symptom checker and test site locator, gives HR a more complete toolset to help workers return to the office and to meet the company’s safety goals.”

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