65% of Canadian employees want this tech-savvy perk

What really draws in the top talent to your organization?

65% of Canadian employees want this tech-savvy perk

What really draws in the top talent to your organization? Career progression? Hefty salaries? Well, according to a new report it’s something much cheaper and easier to action.

Robert Half Canada has found that 65% of candidates are more likely to accept a job offer if there’s the possibility of telecommuting at least some of the time.

“The ability to work remotely is just one of many perks job seekers look for when considering a potential employer,” added Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations.

“To appeal to top talent, managers must evaluate what candidates want against their total compensation package and determine where they can incorporate benefits like flexible work options in ways that align with business goals and obligations.”

Furthermore, Canadian employees spend, on average, 53 minutes commuting to work – which over a quarter of staff simply find too arduous.

“With today’s increasingly dispersed workforce, organizations need to be proactive in mitigating the impact that lengthy commutes can have on both employee morale and productivity,” continued Scileppi.

“If commute times are causing stress for employees or hindering performance, managers should consider alternative work arrangements that provide flexibility without compromising daily business obligations.”

But, before you start implanting remote working in your company, it’s important you understand the drawbacks. 26% of employees said it makes them feel isolated, and that they miss the team spirit. 20% of employees worry that colleagues would abuse the benefit and 16% said it led to strained co-worker relationships.

“Company leaders need to provide their employees with the tools and resources to be productive and engaged from wherever they are,” explained Scileppi.

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