HR is the DNA of a company - so why are we overlooked?

When was the last time your CEO gave you a pat on the back?

HR is the DNA of a company - so why are we overlooked?

When was the last time your CEO gave you a pat on the back? When did you last receive a heart-felt message for going above and beyond in your role?

Recognition is talked about a lot, but it’s rarely executed well. As HR leaders, you’ve undoubtedly sent your fair share of congratulatory emails – but how many have you actually reviewed in return?

HRD Canada caught up with Jamie Hoobanoff, founder of The Leadership Agency and sponsor of our Woman of Distinction Award at the 2019 Canadian HR Awards, who revealed why she’s keen on celebrating her industry-leading colleagues.

“There’s a lot of gaps in HR,” she explained. “I think when any organization looks at HR as a line of business or an internal need, it comes down to an authentic thought-leader. By that I mean someone who can really drive the culture and the people within a firm.

“A lot of companies can attribute their amazing values system or successful change management to one individual person. There’s a need not only to recognize the organization as a whole for having amazing HR initiatives, but also the people within those organizations who drive the initiatives in the first place.”

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, don't worry when you’re not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition. The Canadian HR Awards are just the ticket, Hoobanoff believes.

“Any HR events, whether they’re celebrations or awards or summits, that shine a light on change are very important. Recognition is key here. The Canadian HR Awards brings together like-minded people who want to learn from each other and share their subject-matter know-how.

“We’re so siloed in what we do, whether that be by industry or what we do in our day-to-day roles – so events like this one brings people together that never would have had the opportunity to talk, debate and share.

“HR is the DNA of a company – and at times it’s be the back-end of these unique success stories. As such, the department can be overlooked at times, with products and services receiving the recognition and accolades. It’s time for HR, and HR leaders, to be celebrated.”

Don’t forget to nominate your champions here – and take a look at our prestigious panel of judges here.

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