From cost centre to centre of innovation

L&D is primed to drive organizations' success: it’s time to step into that power

From cost centre to centre of innovation

This article was produced in partnership with Lighthouse Labs.

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, learning and development programs (L&D) can be the driving force behind your organization’s success. But to protect your budget and grow your L&D team to its full potential “you must show the impact your programs are fueling,” says Abu Batasi, director of enterprise training at Lighthouse Labs.

“L&D professionals need to move out of being considered a cost centre and move towards becoming a centre of innovation,” he adds. “But the question is, how do you maximize efficiency, reach your ROI goals, and have an L&D strategy that is compatible with your organization?”

Batasi has a passion for working with business leaders to determine the right approach to addressing their business challenges, and he will be sharing the more than 15 years of experience he has solving those complex problems during an upcoming webinar, 5 Ways for HR to Maximize Learning & Development for ROI.

The session was developed to equip HR professionals and employers with the essential knowledge and skills to take their L&D initiatives to the next level. Batasi aims to provide participants with valuable insights, real-world examples, and proven methodologies to develop and execute an effective L&D strategy that delivers measurable results that will resonate with executive leadership. Attendees will learn how to identify strategic L&D goals; understand the link between L&D and ROI; design a learner-centric approach; evaluate and measure L&D impact; and enhance L&D program effectiveness.

“Putting together a strategic plan for your L&D which aligns to your organization’s priorities and fills key skills gaps is critical to overcoming challenges,” Batasi says. “Gaining cross-functional alignment and buy-in across the company will ensure that your L&D initiatives have visibility, accountability, and are treated as a priority within your organization.”

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