Workers worry about generative AI: survey

Companies need 'robust understanding' of risks, challenges, says expert

Workers worry about generative AI: survey

With AI taking an ever more prominent role in organizations, employees continue to eye the tech with anxiety.

While 27% of employees genuinely believe that AI will have a positive impact on their careers, 17% think it could make their skills obsolete.

Another three in 10 employees think generative AI will have no impact on their job prospects, while a quarter are unsure of how the tech will change their career trajectory, according to a Robert Half survey.

So what does this mean for employers and HR?

“It’s crucial that companies approach the use of generative AI into their business models with open-mindedness about its potential, as well as a robust understanding of its risks, challenges, and how it might impact their teams,” says Deborah Bottineau, Managing Director at Robert Half Canada.

“For workers who feel positively about AI, they cite its ability to automate time-consuming tasks and increase productivity and efficiency as its most useful benefits. Therefore, managers looking to introduce AI technology into their workflow should ensure that they’re communicating openly with their teams about the technology and any ways the company is planning to use it.”


AI as a helping hand – not a replacement

In regards to AI, employees have plenty of questions and concerns – and there’s a clear generational divide. The younger Gen Z are more optimistic (46%) about generative AI’s impact on their careers, while Baby Boomers (16%) are dramatically less enthused – according to the Robert Half data.

“Ultimately, AI should be considered a tool to help improve efficiency of tasks and not viewed as something that will take over roles altogether, or that can replace the human element,” says Bottineau.

“Businesses need to take the time to understand the technologies they want to implement, its many implications, and have clear guidelines and best practices in place to ensure the technology is used responsibly.”

Want to know more about how AI can be used in conjunction with your people? Read HRD’s exclusive interview with world-renowned tech expert Subodha Kumar on the ‘common sense conundrum’ in generative AI.

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