UKG acquires Great Place to Work

The landmark acquisition will help organizations build better workplaces for all

UKG acquires Great Place to Work

Ultimate Kronos Group, UKG, the leading global provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced their acquisition of Great Place to Work Institute.

In a statement seen by HRD, UKG president Chris Todd shared his joy at the news: “Today marks a pivotal moment for UKG, as we welcome Great Place to Work into our family. We are determined to raise the bar on how HCM technology can help organizations and their people thrive.

“We believe that the future of HCM software goes beyond offering exceptional HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions that improve workplace efficiency and promote compliance. The time has come for companies to expect more from their HCM providers, and we plan to lead the charge. As an HR technology provider whose motto is ‘Our purpose is people,’ we’re serious about continuing to find ways to help our customers create better, more personalized, and more consistent employee experiences for every person at their organization, no matter who they are or what they do. This acquisition represents one of the ways we plan to have even greater positive impact on our customers and workplaces around the world, with world-class tools to assess, benchmark, and enhance culture.”

Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. is the world’s most trusted authority on workplace culture with a mission to help organizations become great workplaces For All™. Founded in 1990, their insights are used today by over than 10,000 companies across the world, with the view to build a better place to work by understanding what really matters to their employees. UKG announced that they’ll be granting their customers access to Great Place to Work assessments in order to help them realize their own strengths and opportunities as individual organizations.

“Great Place to Work-Certified organizations outperform their peers in productivity, customer service, retention, and overall employee pride — we have decades’ worth of proof of that within our own walls,” added Aron Ain, chairman and CEO at UKG. “Great Place to Work has provided incredible value to our business, including helping us become a Best Workplace in every country where UKG has a significant presence. Today marks the day that we move from an organization with our own culture primarily at the center of our brand identity, to one focused on helping others build remarkable cultures and become recognized as superior workplaces themselves.”

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