Almost half of women in tech feel 'unwanted' – but why?

Are you doing enough to bridge the gender gap?

Almost half of women in tech feel 'unwanted' – but why?

Women in technology – do you feel empowered or unwanted? Well, according to a recent report from SAP Canada, it’s a little of both.

“On a positive side, the survey showed that tech companies have done a good job in helping women manage their work during the pandemic,” Gina Izumi, SVP of sales for SAP Canada, told HRD. “Approximately two thirds of women in technology agree that they feel supported by their company – and that they've got a good work life balance. However, nearly half believe that their career growth and their goals have been stunted – which is actually higher than those not in the tech sector. Furthermore, almost half of women also feel unmotivated right now - and that's particularly true for the younger women, as well as for those caring for elders.”

Whilst it’s clear that larger tech firms are doing their bit to help support their female employees, it’s disappointing to hear that the same female employees feel unwanted.

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“Perhaps the most startling finding was that 44% of Canadian females feel tech companies don't really want to hire women,” added Izumi. “Think about that, for a second. Nearly half the women surveyed feel like themselves and their female counterparts aren't desirable hires. Personally, as a woman who's been in the tech field for 25 years, and who's always felt supported, that shocked me. It saddens me to hear that in 2021 this issue still exists. The bottom line is that while the survey shows that tech companies have certainly done a good job patching the pandemic, it's really clear that there’s more work to be done. It's incumbent upon us as an industry to ensure that opportunities are accessible to everyone.”

So, what can be done in the short-term to ensure long-term results?

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“For all companies working in the Canadian tech sector, an inclusive culture needs to become a core company value and a strategic priority,” revealed Izumi. “Like many Canadian tech companies, we at SAP Canada are still on this journey. We’re committed to creating a diverse team that makes us more effective in addressing the needs of our customers and partners, ultimately fostering innovation and growth.” 

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