Stress skyrockets as Canadian workers suffer 'nonstop changes'

The good news is more people are likely to reach out to professionals for some support

Stress skyrockets as Canadian workers suffer 'nonstop changes'

Nearly half of Canadians are reporting more sensitivity to stress before the pandemic, according to the latest study from LifeWorks, with experts attributing this to "long-term strain.” In the latest lifeworks study, 46% of Canadians are feeling an increased sensitivity to stress, with 49% of the respondents saying their colleagues at work are more sensitive to stress.

By age, respondents younger than 40 are 50% more likely to feel increased sensitivity to stress, while those who saw their salaries and hours reduced at work 30% more likely to feel sensitive to stress. Paula Allen, global leader and senior vice president, research and total wellbeing, said that this increased sensitivity to stress can be attributed to "long-term strain."

"Canadians have been experiencing nonstop changes and uncertainties for over two years, and time has not made it any easier to navigate the ongoing turbulence. In fact, long-term strain is actually driving the increased sensitivity to stress," said Allen in a statement.

"Additionally, while life has begun to return to a sense of normalcy for some, many are carrying the heavy weight of stressful world events on their shoulders. As these occurrences continue to impact peoples' mental health, it will create an even more unpredictable landscape for individuals and the economy."

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The good news is: majority of the respondents at 56% said they are likely to reach out for professional help if they struggle with stress or a mental health issue, according to the report.

"While this is encouraging to see, stressors inside and outside of the workplace continue to make it challenging for individuals to manage their wellbeing in a healthy way," said LifeWorks chief executive officer Stephen Liptrap in a statement.

"It is important for employers to recognize there is often more than meets the eye when it comes to how employees are feeling, and that providing ongoing communication and support is critical to ensure employee mental health remains a top priority."

Overall, the LifeWorks study reported that Canadian workers remain under strain with their mental health score at -10.0, which is still lower than the pre-pandemic benchmark of 0.0.

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