Return to work anxiety? You're not alone

Employees are calling for enhanced safety measures and vaccination policies

Return to work anxiety? You're not alone

Workplaces have begun re-opening - a sign that things are transitioning to a new normal in some parts of the world. However, despite the assurance promised to staff, some have cited several concerns regarding their looming comeback to offices. In a survey by Randstad employees revealed their major concerns around their company’s return to work plans.

The top concern among employees (73%) was the compliance of their respective workplaces on safety standards amid the pandemic. Staff are also worried on matters such as vaccinations and workplace relationships inside the office. A total of 38% said they want their employers to require proof of vaccination before reopening. About 34% are also concerned about the vaccination status of their colleagues, while 23% said they’re considering the behaviour of co-workers when it comes to onsite work.

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What can employers do?

Employees said they want their employers to implement new sanitation practices. Based on a previous Randstad survey, employers should also consider enforcing mask mandates, social distancing, and temperature checks to ease staff anxiety.

Randstad also said in that staff want their employers to "lead the charge and take a stand when it comes to safety." This would include coming up with an HR policy on testing and vaccinations - and making sure that workers are accountable to them.

"Jobseekers are in the driver's seat right now but demonstrating your commitment to workplace safety is one of the most effective ways to position yourself as an employer of choice," Randstad added.

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