How does your DEI strategy measure up to these award winners?

5-Star DE&I Employers 2023 report goes in-depth on diversity

How does your DEI strategy measure up to these award winners?

What does true diversity look like? Is it promoting indiscriminately? Is it hiring blindly? Or is it a commitment to facilitating real change from the top down? Well, according to

HRD’s recent research into the most diverse and inclusive companies in Canada shed light on the best practices of DEI-leading organizations. And, according to one of our winners — Mercer Canada — their approach to bring diversity forward follows a stringent and rewarding plan.

Speaking to Kelly E. Mawhinney, partner and Toronto careers leader at Mercer Canada, she says that by embedding DEI successfully, organizations are in turn reaping the rewards – including:

  • increased employee engagement and trust
  • a greater sense of belonging that empowers employees to thrive
  • a stronger corporate brand
  • access to larger talent pools

“These employers become more resilient and adaptive,” Mawhinney says. “Because of the DE&I initiatives they’ve undertaken, they become better at attracting and retaining resources, and foster innovation to build their business and expand their customer base.”

Similarly, fellow winner Moneris claims their DEI strategy has an employee satisfaction rate of 92%. What’s more, their approach of including their people into their DEI decision making has seen the programs flourish, with diversity, equity and inclusion director Neetu Sidhu adding that listening is a key part of their overall process.

“We wanted to engage the over 2,000 employees and ask what their experience of equity is, what’s working well and what isn’t, and people opened up with the ongoing listening activities,” she tells HRD.

Want to see how your DEI strategy compares to the best? Take a look at HRD’ recent 5-Star DE&I Employers 2023 report here.

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