City of Calgary warns against door-to-door scam

If someone knocks on your door and pretends to be a city employee, call the police

City of Calgary warns against door-to-door scam

Beware: individuals posing as representatives from the City of Calgary or as employees of a home service company have been going door to door to dupe residents, city officials warned.

The scammers reportedly operate by knocking on someone’s door, offering false information, and even attempting to test the homeowner’s water before suggesting water treatment systems.

“This is a scam and is NOT endorsed by the City of Calgary,” officials said. “The City of Calgary does not go door to door asking to test residents’ water.”

Officials guaranteed the city’s water system undergoes close monitoring to ensure the water is safe to drink and above federal and provincial health standards.

“If someone comes to your home and identifies themselves as an employee of The City, do not give them access to your home,” officials said. Instead, residents are urged to call the police.

“If The City does require access to your home, the standard practice is that we contact the homeowner by phone first and make an appointment to visit the home,” they said.

Representatives from companies that employ a door-to-door strategy must always carry with them an identification card that clearly shows:

  • The representative’s name and photo
  • Company
  • Business address
  • Business license number
  • Expiry date of the license

The ID should be “visible at all times while the business is being carried on and [the representative] must also present the card immediately on request of a prospective customer or a Licence Inspector,” officials said.

In the changing world of work, experts recommend HR and business leaders understand the intricacies of legal and illegal business practices – especially when there are grey areas such as door-to-door home services – to prevent communities from getting scammed.

HR professionals play a role in ensuring the right information reaches both employees and consumers as businesses strive to reinvent their strategies.

The HR Leaders Summit Calgary in December will tackle some of the industry’s toughest questions on the future of work and future of HR. Those interested may visit for more details.


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