Alberta launches app verifying vaccination status, passports here in 2022

'We're headed into an uncertain period'

Alberta launches app verifying vaccination status, passports here in 2022

It will now be easier for businesses and organisations in Alberta to verify their customers' vaccination status after the province launched its AB Covid Records Verifier app. The application scans a QR code from customers, which will show their name, date of birth, as well as a green check mark that will authenticate their vaccination status. An additional valid ID will also be required to verify the person's identity.

"Businesses and organisations can immediately use the free app the Alberta COVID Records Verifier to quickly and easily check the authenticity of a vaccine record," said Premier Jason Kenney in a press conference.

The public can obtain their QR codes from the The government advised against posting the code on social media, as well as crumpling the paper where the code is printed.

"It's important to note that the app does not store any personal information for privacy purposes," assured Kenney, adding that internet connection will not be needed to present the code once it is saved or printed by the user.

According to the government website, the codes contain a secure digital signature that confirms it is provided by the Alberta Health. People creating or using a false vaccination record may be fined by up to $100,000 for a first-time offence.

The secure QR codes will be the lone acceptable record of vaccination in Alberta starting November 15, according to Health Minister Jason Copping.

"We're asking everyone to get their new record over the next month and then starting Monday November 15th, the new record with the QR code will be the single acceptable proof of vaccination here in Alberta," said Copping in the press conference.

The minister said that while it would give businesses time to adjust to the new policy, the government wants to take advantage of the app's convenience and security. The government website said businesses experiencing issues with the application can contact the support line or [email protected]

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Alberta's vaccine passport

Meanwhile, Alberta's vaccine passport will be here into early 2022, citing the uncertainty over the winter.

"I fully expect that we will have it in place through at least the first quarter of next year, 2022, because we are headed into an uncertain period," Kenney said as quoted by Global News.

The province has already launched a similar scheme it called the Restrictions Exemptions Programme (REP), which allows some businesses and venues to require proof of vaccinations from patrons.  Part of the REP is a training grant providing funding to businesses so they can train their staff on how to request for proof of vaccinations safely and professionally from customers.

"I'm pleased to say these new programmes have made Alberta the first province in Canada to provide financial support for businesses who choose to require proof of vaccinations," he said. "We're doing everything we can to ensure as many Albertans are protected from COVID-19 as possible."

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