2021: Top recruitment challenges revealed

Are employers are finally beginning to consider recruiting again?

2021: Top recruitment challenges revealed

As we foray into 2021, employers are finally beginning to consider recruiting again. COVID-19, while still present, is seemingly at bay – meaning HR leaders are now free to peruse this new world of global, remote working, talent.

HRD spoke to Vicki Salemi, career expert at Monster, who revealed the hiring challenges for HR leaders in 2021.

“Number one is the skills gap,” she explained.  “We know that 40% of our future of work reports say that employers continue to face the skills gap – with a core focus on dependability and flexibility. Two thirds of recruiters say that candidates aren't marketing their transferable skills accordingly. As such, they’re not effectively showing employers the skills that are required for the job – even if they actually have them.

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“These could be soft skills, customer service capabilities, emotional intelligence etc – skills which are apparent in workers which were unfortunately laid off in the pandemic. For instance, if they were in hospitality, and now they want to transfer into a thriving industry like health care, there’s so many jobs that require skills they probably already possess – they’re just not be able to translate it.”

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“Secondly, I’d say virtual recruitment. Employers need to look at how to effectively assess candidates for the right fit for the organization in a virtual interviewing environment.”

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