Jobs? Living cost? Climate change? Canadians reveal voting issues

Canadians reveal what topics they'll be voting for

Jobs? Living cost? Climate change? Canadians reveal voting issues

As the snap election looms, Canadians have revealed the issues closest to their hearts – and the ones which may prompt them to vote differently. A recent Maru Public Opinion poll found that the most important voting issue for people was the cost of living (28%), followed by environmental concerns (23%), curtailing federal government spending (19%), and the creation of more Canadian jobs (17%).

The report found that the NDP and the Conservatives may be the two parties likely getting the most resonance out of the polling – considering that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been very vocal about his opinions on Canadian cost of living. Similarly, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has promised to add one million jobs to the Canadian economy if elected. 

“On face value, the NDP and the Conservatives appear to have more voter issue alignment at this stage in the campaign than the minority governing Liberals,” the report read.

Maru then asked respondents to select “the two issues or needs that they want to be addressed by the politicians and are currently shaping their ballot box choice.”

To that, the public listed;

  • To make the cost of living and affordability better for me and/or my family (28%)
  • To preserve the environment, reduce greenhouse gasses, and reverse climate
  • change (23%)
  • To curtail federal government spending so the deficit does not grow (19%)
  • To create jobs and grow the economy (17%)
  • To strengthen the healthcare system by giving more targeted money to the
  • provinces (15%)
  • To keep Canadians safe from COVID (15%)
  • To do more to look after Canada's seniors (14%)
  • To not increase or reduce personal income taxes (11%)
  • To produce a COVID vaccine passport/identification certificate (9%)
  • To provide more social housing and support for people in need (9%)
  • To solve issues affecting our Indigenous peoples (7%)

What is the main voting issue for you? Tell us in the comments.

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