What is the future of HR?

It’s a question that continues to perplex and baffle even the most advanced HR leaders of today

What is the future of HR?

It’s a question that continues to perplex and baffle even the most advanced HR leaders of today – what exactly will the HR function look like in the next 30 years?

We’ve seen the sudden and all-engrossing rise of digitalization, grappled with the impending threat of automation and dealt with the significant impact of AI on the workforce – so, where do we go from here?

A recent report from HCM Technology Trends, 45% of HR leaders want their systems to do more to alleviate the burden of manual HR tasks, whilst 41% are calling out for batter and more precise data handling.

The onus is clear – technology is taking over our departments. 

“HR is evolving as technology advances, and new systems allow for traditional HR functions to be automated, streamlined and self-served,” explained Tom Short, president of Kudos and speaker at our upcoming HR Leaders Summit.

“AI is going to play a more significant role in making operations more adaptive and user-friendly, while at the same time freeing up HR professionals to pursue more meaningful work that will improve the full spectrum of the employee experience.”

The idea that HR will now have more time available to focus on their main aim – i.e. helping people – is surely a great thing. And yet, practitioners still live in fear that they’ll one day be replaced by an algorithm or a robot.

“Systems and AI will not replace people or HR professionals,” explained Tom. “It will inform people, and HR Professionals; leading to a more consumer-centric and oddly human experience while providing better insights on employee fit, engagement, productivity, and contributions.

“We’re simply moving from managing Human Resources to engaging human beings.”

To hear more on the future of the workforce and technology’s place within it, book your ticket to our HR Leaders Summit here.


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