Patient primary care network saves time and money with UKG

The company shifted to automated processes in payroll and scheduling

Patient primary care network saves time and money with UKG

Mosaic Primary Care Network (PCN) has reported expedited processes since automating them through UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions. Mosaic PCN, a Calgary-based group of family doctors and healthcare professionals, recently began using UKG's scheduling and payroll solutions in order to accommodate complex union rules – and the results speak for themselves. 

Sarah Laviolette, financial reporting manager at Mosaic PCN, said the company used to process most union rules manually – something which was incredibly time consuming.

"We have many out-of-the-box reports and audits we can run with UKG Pro Payroll," added Laviolette. "We run pre-check exceptions, pre-check summary liability, and the manager-favourite employee-audited-changes report, which highlights only those changes that require review."

Dimensions also helped the company accommodate every clause in the union agreement in relation to scheduling, premium pay, as well as overtime rules, according to Laviolette.

"Likewise, we now track salary increments automatically, with accurate adjustments made based on hours worked. Managers just tag the appropriate rule."

The result of this is not only an improved payroll accuracy, but also a full saved day of processing time, reported Mosaic PCN.

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Dimensions has also allowed managers to set up and schedules quickly, saving them at least an hour each month, thanks to the automated solution. It also gave them more access to their teams' schedules, such as vacation accruals.

"Managers have found the solution is very intuitive and simple to use, and they like the way they can create more effective schedules for their employees," Laviolette explained.

Meanwhile, UKG's executives said they were happy to work with Mosaic PCN in delivering a better workplace experience.

"We are pleased that Mosaic PCN is capitalising on UKG's expertise in HCM and workforce management to achieve substantial efficiencies and elevate the employee experience," said UKG president Chris Todd.

Nanne Finis, RN, MS, chief nurse executive at UKG, described the opportunity of working with Mosaic PCN as a "privilege."

"It is a privilege to partner with Mosaic PCN in a way that simplifies scheduling and payroll processing for their managers so that their clinical teams can stay focused on delivering quality and equitable care throughout the communities they serve."

Mosaic PCN sought the assistance of UKG in automated workplace management after the latter's 2020 merger.

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