How can you benefit from AI transformed workforce

AI continues to gain massive popularity

How can you benefit from AI transformed workforce

AI continues to gain massive popularity and widespread adoption as the technology evolves. The technology is not only bettering our daily lives at home through personalized online shopping recommendations and intelligent virtual assistants but also transforming the workplace. It can handle manual and repetitive tasks throughout the company, freeing up the modern workforce to exercise creativity, find lifelong solutions to complex challenges, and otherwise concentrate on completing core tasks. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from the AI transformed workforce.

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1. An Uptick in Productivity

One of the most notable benefits of an AI transformed workforce is the enhanced productivity it offers your business. AI frees employees from repetitive and mindless tasks, providing them with more time to handle important work, solve problems, and make use of their creativity.

Chatbots are perfect examples of AI-operated tools capable of increasing productivity in the workplace. They are a must-have for a workforce that has daily, direct engagements with customers and depends on quick, accurate, and reliable customer support. They gather information and document customer complaints, significantly reducing the manual time required to handle these tasks.

AI-powered chatbots don’t entirely take full control of customer support. Instead, they handle redundant tasks and allow customer service reps to excel at their jobs. In addition to chatbots, there are other AI tools that leverage behavioral science to aid customer support reps in offering unparalleled support. The outcome is enhanced productivity, satisfied employees, and greater profitability for your business.

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2. A Streamlined Onboarding and Training Process

AI training tools acquire their coaching abilities by first monitoring how different workers perform particular tasks. These tools then can take new team members through the steps of completing those tasks. They can also train existing employees on the best methods of doing things more quickly and efficiently.

Chorus is an excellent example of a coaching technology. It evaluates calls as they are happening and provides sales reps with actionable tips to help them control the pace of meetings and employ the most-reliable messaging. It also documents all sales calls and puts together statistics for every sales rep, offering each person the tools they require to convert leads into sales and carry out more successful calls.

AI can also be an important part of your succession planning. The powerful analytics realized through the technology can help you identify characters that make one an appropriate future leader. After the identification, you can train and mentor them from an early phase.

3. Transforming Complex Data into Actionable Insights

Data is the lifeblood of any competitive business. Once you collect data, you’ll need to have it analyzed to obtain valuable insights. With an AI transformed workforce, you’ll have all the necessary tools and skill set to decipher your data and obtain meaningful insights. With AI tools that offer big data insights, you can:

  • Discover crucial shifts in patterns
  • Isolate trends
  • Generate comprehensive reports to help you see if your business is on the right track
  • Carry out in-depth content analysis and perform evidence-backed reasoning
  • Unearth any shifts in consumer habits that may impact your company’s bottom line
  • Forecast what major business metrics your company must track to improve performance

Getting valuable insights from data used to be a time-consuming and effort-intensive process. But with AI, it has become faster and more efficient. This allows workers to dedicate their efforts towards enhancing customer service and making wise business decisions.

4. Recruitment and Management of Global Workforce

Manually setting up a team for global expansion can be time-consuming, costly, and bothersome. But with numerous AI-powered tools out there, bringing international talents onboard is increasingly becoming a less stressful experience.

AI automates repetitive tasks like scheduling interviews and keeping applicants updated on the status of their job application. This frees up your employees in the HR department to engage job seekers on a deeper level.

In addition to investing in AI-powered tools, you can also work with a global PEO service like the New Horizons Global Partners to assist you in hiring and managing your global teams. With their international PEO and staffing services, you’ll tap into the Asian labor market and add the best talent to your global team without having to set up a local subsidiary.


The outcomes of AI transformed workforce are improved productivity, better customer experience, and enhanced employee engagement. It also results in a faster and efficient means of obtaining useful insights from big data.

by Robert Ehrmantraut, a leading business technology advisor and consultant

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