Working hard or hardly working? The rise of digital nomads

HRD report reveals best country for 'work from anywhere'

Working hard or hardly working? The rise of digital nomads

Tired of the long, grey months of January? Craving white sandy beaches and clear blue skies?

Then it might be time to consider applying for a “Digital Nomad Visa.”

After gaining popularity post-pandemic, employees have taken the “work from anywhere” (WFA) trend to a whole new level, opting to move countries in search for a better work-life balance.

In fact, a recent survey from MBO Partners found that, since COVID, the number of “digital nomad employees” has skyrocketed by 131%, with an estimated 16.9 million people self-identifying as such

Last year, HRD’s research led to a report into the world’s best digital nomad programs, looking at countries offering the best tax rates in conjunction with factors such as average salaries, cost of living, wi-fi speed and weather.

The winner? The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

“Rather than coming for the usual week, or three weeks or a month, why not plan out your business?” says Barbados’ prime minister Mia Mottley. “We have a mechanism that allows people who want to take advantage of being in a different part of the world, of the sun, sea and sand, and a stable society; one that functions well.”

Having consulted a number of expats, HRD found that Antigua and Barbuda had the perfect combination of low taxes, high quality of life, ease of transport and safety – making it the clear winner.

Following closely behind was Portugal, with a visa costing just $182 and the cost of monthly rent at $711. However, with tax sitting at 20%, with an additional external social security, the European nation just lost out to the Caribbean.

"The massive rise in digital nomads is just one more sign that the workforce of yesterday is gone for good," says Miles Everson, CEO of MBO Partners. "The 'work from anywhere' trend is here to stay, and employers must take note that the power is in the hands of the worker, not the employer or client."

Take a look at HRD’s full report here.

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