Why EVPs could be the answer to the Great Reengagement

CPO at solutions giant Telvista reveals how employee engagement can drive positive impact

Why EVPs could be the answer to the Great Reengagement

When it comes to data-backed solutions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that does it better than Telvista. Dedicated to providing creative, high-quality business solutions to a wide range of companies, Telvista knows how to work across various sectors and address the unique challenges each industry faces daily. But what about the internal workings of Telvista? Speaking to Chief People Officer Loren Rosario-Maldonado, she revealed to HRD that HR at Telvista is centered around prioritizing people.

“Telvista has always been an employee-first company,” she revealed. “We continue to strive toward improving our relationship with our employees. One of our most significant projects for 2022 has been improving our employee engagement by providing several avenues for employees to tell us what’s working and how we can improve. We’ve empowered employees to collaborate by giving essential feedback through surveys, focus groups, and action planning. Our goal has been to elevate the involvement and enthusiasm of our employees, ensuring that they understand the big picture and how they contribute to the overall success at Telvista while increasing tenure and reducing attrition. We have also implemented an EVP which assists leadership in staying on target with our core values when interacting with our team members.”

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Telvista has clients across the United States – making it one of the leading international outsourcing service providers in North America. And, when it comes to supporting their diverse employee base, Rosario-Maldonado explained that their EVP is one of their crowning glories.

“We worked diligently to create an Employee Value Proposition that we feel proud of,” she told HRD. “We took the time to employee-led conduct focus groups and surveyed various team members to understand better what is essential to our team and how we can positively impact their livelihood. We believe our EVP will help us stay aligned company-wide regarding integrating new talent and supporting our current talent. Employees are attracted to Telvista by the flexibility in our work environment, benefits, and family-oriented culture. Our employer brand presence online has been one aspect we have worked to improve. “We have done so by listening to our team members and integrating our EVP into our communications.”

Telvista is well-known for prioritizing the well-being of their people – something which became even more important throughout the pandemic. As COVID spread and lockdowns loomed, Telvista prioritized the wellbeing and safety of its team members. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, Telvista plans to continue supporting its people with the integration of innovative  HR tech solutions.

“Technology will continue to revolutionize the HR function by bringing more digital tools to proactively assist employees in managing their mental health and wellbeing,” Rosario-Maldonado added. “There will also be more integration between insurance companies and corporate wellness programs to help sustain mental health support initiatives. Finally, remote work will continue to thrive in the quest to enhance the employee experience and wellbeing.”

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