Neglecting employee experience? The Great Resignation is coming for you

Employee experience is the key to holding on to your talent

Neglecting employee experience? The Great Resignation is coming for you

The latest COVID-19 variant has ushered in a new wave of challenges for organizations across Canada. Health and economic restraints, staff shortages, and burnout threaten employee retention. In a recent webinar with HRD, Meghan Stettler, director at the O.C. Tanner Institute, debated what more HR can do to help their people prioritise their wellbeing.

“How can organizations create workplace cultures where employees want to come, engage, and most of all–stay?” she posited. “Consider this. In 2022, 69% of Canadian employees reported feeling engaged. Today, in 2022, that figure sits at 46%.

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“We all have three basic psychological needs. The need for autonomy, the need for connection and the need for mastery. As human beings we tend to channel our energy into activities and relationships that help us fulfil these fundamental desires. When you look at the work situation, when those needs are satisfied, we grow, we thrive, we flourish. Everyday employee experience is packed with emotional responses that supercharge how we feel about our organization and our personal value within that workplace.”

Employee experience is the key to not only holding on to your talent but helping them grow with the company. If, as an HR leader, you’re not prioritizing EX, then beware of the Great Resignation.

“Employees, if they’re not having a great experience or feel like they’re not connected to your values, they believe they don’t have value in your organization. As such, they disengage and they leave.”

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Want to discover how to supercharge your employee experience in 2022 - watch the full webinar here.

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