Nearly all Canadian workers happier with 4-day workweek: Report

University researchers look at 30 employers trying out 4-day week

Nearly all Canadian workers happier with 4-day workweek: Report

Shortening the workweek seems to be the logical move for Canadian employers, judging by the results of a recent study.

Overall, more than 96% of workers report happier and healthier workplaces following the implementation of a four-day workweek in Canada, according to a report from York University.

“This research shows that shortened and compressed work schedules often boost productivity and economic output, improve health outcomes, strengthen equity initiatives and reduce carbon emissions,” said authors Carlo Fanelli and Maria Foggia in their report titled The Four-Day Workweek and the Future of Work in Canada.

By implementing an effective four-day workweek, organizations can foster a productive workplace, one expert previously said.

Benefits of shortened workweek

Employers have a lot to gain from implementing a four-day work week, according to the York University study cited in a Now Toronto report. 

The researchers analyzed data collected across 30 firms employing nearly 3,500 workers, all of which have applied one of the two following models of a four-day workweek: a four-day, 32-hour workweek consisting of the same amount of work and a 40-hour workweek over four days, instead of five.

Workers did not have to get pay reduction in both models. The researchers reviewed the data from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. 

Based on the study, 90% of workers said that productivity has either increased or stayed the same within their workplace, and 86% said there was an improvement in retention and recruitment among employees.

And 93% said they would continue with the shortened and compressed work schedules indefinitely, according to the study cited by Now Toronto.

“The reality is that more time does not necessarily mean more productivity and more great work completed,” said Erika Cramer, coach and speaker, in a previous HRD report.

Here are the most popular ways to structure 4-day work weeks, according to a previous report.

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