'Being able to offer staff flexibility is the future of work'

Publicis Groupe ANZ has spent the last 18 months developing a new flexible framework

'Being able to offer staff flexibility is the future of work'

Publicis Groupe Australia has announced Publicis Liberté, a new flexible working approach that will see the group replace existing workplace policies with six flexible working ‘behaviours’.

Michael Rebelo, Publicis Groupe ANZ CEO said being able to offer staff flexibility is the future of work.

“At a time of tremendous change in our business and the workplace we need to be more progressive and adaptive as an employer,” said Rebelo.

“Allowing our people to fit work in with their lives and not the other way round will ensure our people are happy, healthy and productive.

“Ultimately that makes them better partners for our clients, and able to deliver better outcomes for their businesses.”

Publicis Groupe ANZ has spent the last 18 months developing the new flexible framework, publishing internal whitepapers, conducting internal and external interviews, technical audits and more recently, holding staff training workshops from CEOs right through to all staff.

As part of the new approach, a range of measurement tools and processes have been developed to support agency leaders, managers and staff to deal with new situations as they arise.

Leading Publicis Liberté is Pauly Grant, Chief Talent Officer, Publicis Groupe ANZ, who said the flexible working framework has been introduced to take a more progressive approach and is an acknowledgment that where a person works, how they work and the hours of work needed to perform their role is unique to the individual.

Publicis Liberté will be based on six flexible working behaviours: 

  • Set Your Boundaries
  • Trust One Another
  • Focus on Outputs
  • We Are All Different
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Use Tech to Your Advantage

Publicis Media ANZ’s Associate Director of Strategic Projects, Scott Ramsay, added that the company have found that most flexibility policies often come with a load of asterisks that don’t take into account the needs of teams or the individual.

By allowing teams to set their own terms, we believe Publicis Liberté will be the catalyst to create a new normal in the way we work as a business.”

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