1 in 4 employees don't think HR cares about their wellbeing

Exclusive: Wellbeing Summit Canada to shed light on wellbeing challenges in 2023

1 in 4 employees don't think HR cares about their wellbeing

Mental health worries, rising cost of living, inflationary concerns – it’s not been the best start to 2023. And for employers, their main concerns in the New Year should be how to protect their people from the impending wellbeing crisis.

However, a recent Gallup survey found that one in four workers don’t think their employer cares about their wellbeing — the lowest percentage in nearly a decade

HRD has launched the inaugural Wellbeing Summit Canada – an exclusive event bringing together senior HR leaders and industry experts to discuss and debate the best wellbeing strategies for organizations in 2023. Sponsored by CloudMD, the event will look at pressing issues on HR’s strategic agenda – with one of the main challenges being how to engage employees with your existing wellbeing programs.

Paradoxically, whilst many employers have extensive wellbeing plans in place – their people simply aren’t using them. With exclusive access to their upcoming data, Melissa Alvares, SVP marketing and growth at CloudMD, will be revealing once and for all why workers don’t use the benefits they have at hand.

“What we’re expecting to see from the survey results are issues around awareness, accessibility, and that notion that the benefits on the table aren’t the ones employees really need or want,” she told HRD in a previous interview.

“From here, we’ll be able to figure out how employers can bridge that gap and see people accessing the benefits that can make a real difference in the quality of their lives.”

Other wellbeing issues up for discussion include:

  • Promoting physical health & nutrition in hybrid workplaces
  • Creating a sense of belonging to help your teams reach their full potential
  • Harnessing mindfulness to decrease stress, manage uncertainty, and increase innovation
  • Implementing iCBT in the workplace to improve mental health and disability outcomes

Take a look at our full agenda an book your ticket for the Wellbeing Summit here.

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