COVID-19 vaccine: Return to office or work from home?

Preliminary news heralds a vaccine which is supposedly 90% effective

COVID-19 vaccine: Return to office or work from home?

As news of a potential vaccine spreads across the world, employers know have to ask themselves whether or not they’ll be returning to our old ways.

In particular, should we rush back to the office or adopt remote working as a constant?

As with all things in HR – it depends.

“Remote working does not work for everyone, or for every business,” Angela Champ, HR influencer and author, told HRD.

“Some people draw energy on being with other people. There is some evidence that collaboration and innovation is easier when people can have face-to-face interactions like you might in hallway collisions or water cooler moments.

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“Some people have too many distractions at home, or not an easy space to work out of, or no internet or wifi.

“The answer, instead, is providing people with a choice to work remotely, to work from the office, or do have a hybrid.  Treat people like adults and they will act like adults.”

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Many organizations are cottoning on to the idea of hybrid working structure which, as Champ pointed out, allows employees to make their own decisions on their own lives.

As for the future of HR at large, 2021 is an unknown landscape.

“In those progressive companies or with HR that thinks strategically, you will see HR being a much more relevant and involved in shaping the direction of the organization,” continued Champ.

“The focus will be less on transactional work (which can be outsourced) or compliance (necessary but not the sole purpose of HR) and more on creating healthy work environments where employees can thrive and businesses succeed.”

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