'Flexcations': The new HR trend that's revolutionizing employee experience

With flexibility a rising employee demand, it's little wonder this new model is taking the world by storm

'Flexcations': The new HR trend that's revolutionizing employee experience

More than half (57%) of employees revealed that they have plans to extend their vacation abroad to do some work, according to a new report, as they grow more confident that they can remain productive while overseas. The new report from workspace operator IWG revealed the impact of hybrid work arrangement to employees' way of working - with a massive 88% saying they plan to "work from anywhere" this year.

The plans come as 67% of employees say they're confident that they can carry out their work while being abroad. Where do employees plan on going? The employees cited the following locations:

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. France
  4. United States
  5. Greece

"For an increasing number of workers, the days of the daily commute are over, now that hybrid working offers the opportunity to work wherever we will be the most productive. And thanks to cloud technology, that can be anywhere in the world, provided there's a high-quality internet connection available," said IWG founder and CEO Mark Dixon in a statement. 

"So, it's no wonder that more and more individuals are embracing the idea of combining work with travel, whether it's for a few days tacked on to the end of a vacation, or a few months as a digital nomad."

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These "flexcations" are further enabled by companies offering a "work-from-anywhere" benefit, such as Airbnb and Spotify, and employees are starting to look for this policy with their own employers.

In fact, 71% said they would consider a new role that gave them the flexibility to work from anywhere at least some of the time, and 76% said they plan to work for a company offering frequent "flexcations" as a perk.

"This trend is set to accelerate further, and we will continue to see more and more companies embracing WFA policies to improve employees' work-life balance and increase their attractiveness as an employer," said Dixon.

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