Are you committing this cardinal 'perks' sin?

40% of HR leaders are terrified of poor employee engagement

Are you committing this cardinal 'perks' sin?

Everyone loves a good perk. Whether it’s a meal discount or a free day out, employees read these small gestures as a reflection of how much their HRD appreciates them.

We spoke to Richard Joynt, senior account manager at Perkopolis, who shed some light on the best benefits out there.

“Perks are a feel-good aspect of any program,” he told HRD Canada. “They allow employees to save money on both discretionary and non-discretionary spends, which I think is a big part of why they’re so popular. They essentially help workers to save money on gas and food – everyday necessities that can cost a hefty price.

“From our perspective, we’re able to provide those services to the employer at no cost – which is a win-win. A lot of these companies have an internal program they run themselves, meaning we can collect everything and place it all in one easy to access area.

“It provides real value for the customers – sort of like a concierge service which becomes an extension of an employer’s engagement strategy.”

It’s true that employee engagement ranked as the number one concern for HR leaders going into 2019. According to a report from CascadeHR, 40% of the respondents said that this was a cause of major concern and ultimately their biggest mountain to climb in the coming year.

With that in mind, it’s important you start to look outside your usual box of tricks to retain your top talent – and don’t fall into the pitfall Joynt revealed to HRD Canada.

“In a lot of cases employers underestimate the value of voluntary benefits have – such as perks and discounts,” added Joynt.

“In dong that they can drop the ball in dealing with communication and awareness.

“Overall, employers may have benefits set up, but they forget to communicate them as well as they should.”

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