HR leaders roundtable | How can HR better address talent risk?

Attracting and retaining top talent is a key organizational objective, now made more complex by the pandemic. In this video, HR leaders discuss strategies for managing talent risk in the current market while keeping an eye to the future.

2020 put HR organizations in an unparalleled predicament, for which they have faced immense logistical and human challenges and overcome them. However, as short-term crises are resolved, organizations are left to face a new world of work.

To address the challenges and predicaments of a remote work environment and how organizations can turn crisis into opportunity by harnessing the power of a digitally-enabled workforce, HRD sits down with Jane Evans, Head of People, Process and Change at BMO; Doron Melnick, Partner and National Lead for People and Change Services at KPMG in Canada; Ashira Gobrin, Chief People Officer at Wave HQ, and Scott Goodman, Chief People Officer and Legal Officer at Avante Logixx for an executive roundtable presented in partnership with KPMG in Canada.

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