What would you change about the HR industry?

HRM Online asked leading professionals what they’d change about our beloved industry. Surely there’s nothing…right?

Being in HR isn’t for everyone but, for most of us, we wouldn’t dream of doing anything else – that doesn’t mean however, that the industry is exactly how we want it.

Here, HRM Online asked four leading professionals what they’d change about our beloved industry. Do you agree?

Darren Ratz

Sometimes we’re viewed as a bit of a police or the watchdog of the company and that we slow the business down,” said Darren Ratz, SVP of HR, Shoppers Drug Mart.

“I want to see HR recognized as the enabler that drives and supports better business results in a quick and more effective manner,” he continued.

Kaitlyn Annaert

“Change the CHRP,” urged Kaitlyn Annaert, HRM at Voices.com. “Personally, I would make it more standard.”

Price is also an issue for the Ontario based HRM; “The CHRP it’s a very expensive title to hold,” she said. “It’s considered essential and you have to have it to excel – but it’s so costly.”

Paul Havey

“It’s absolutely critical that CEOS and boards better understand the importance of making sure HR is used in a strategic manner,” says Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s VP of corporate services. “HR is critically important to driving business and defining culture,” he continued.

Ilka Bene

“I really do want leaders from outside of HR to understand and learn about the discipline,” says Island Savings’ senior HR manager. “Some of our best leaders come from outside of the function so I would strengthen the cross-pollination between strong leaders and strong HR people.”

What would you change about the HR industry? Share your thoughts below.

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