Top three hacks for a stand-out company culture

We spoke to Rob Catalano, co-founder at WorkTango, who explained to us just how important engagement is

Top three hacks for a stand-out company culture

We spoke to Rob Catalano, co-founder at WorkTango, who explained to us how engagement plays a huge part in company’s overarching philosophy.

"We’re a small company and company culture is what’s we’re really all about," he told us. "We joke around saying that CEO doesn’t mean chief executive officer, it means chief engagement officer. And so, we have to engage our employees first and our customers second. If we do right by our employees, they’re gong to give better customer service – which in turn benefits our customers."

And this drive to improve their client’s experience by ensuring the happiness of their staff base has led Catalano to determining WorkTango’s mantra.

"We don’t have a mission, because missions end,” added Catalano. “Instead, we have a passion – and our passion is to improve work lives. When we think about what we’re trying to build for our customers, it makes sense that it should start with our employees."

Catalano also offered his top three tips for instilling an engaging culture in your organization.

"Firstly, it’s important to give employees a voice. There needs to be transparency around not only what is fantastic, but also what isn’t.

"Secondly, alignment. People need to understand the vision and the mission of an organization – as well as the purpose. Is everyone aligned to what success looks like? It’s so much easier to get the end goal, and navigate the journey, when people are aligned.

"Thirdly, and some people don’t like to talk about this – but it’s hiring slow and firing fast. It’s finding the right individuals, going through the right process and ensuring you’re not wavering on any hires you have.

"And if you find someone who might not be contributing to that engaging culture, then you have to make that change quickly. Sometimes that’s easy – when cultures change some employee don’t change with it – but people you have to remember that if people are the lifeblood of a great culture, so you have to control that input."


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