Top 7 benefits your employees crave

Even with the best benefits package, employers often miss this crucial step

Top 7 benefits your employees crave

Employers are falling behind when it comes to educating staff about their benefits, according to a new study by insurance group Canada Life.

One in three employees (34%) hope their boss would communicate more about what they offer by delivering benefits information through a variety of platforms: email (56%), face-to-face interaction (29%), and employee portals/intranet hubs (26%).

While most companies discuss their benefits package during the onboarding process, 20% of employees say they never again receive updates right after.

Despite this apparent disconnect, workers (75%) believe their boss values their wellbeing. They suggest offering certain benefits to positively influence perception of their employer brand:

  • Annual bonus (40%)
  • More than 20 days of holiday (36%)
  • Private medical insurance (33%)
  • Income protection (31%)
  • Life insurance (26%)
  • Critical illness cover (25%)
  • Gym membership (20%)

Workplace benefits not only promote employee wellbeing. They also help employers attract and retain talent, said Paul Avis, marketing director at Canada Life.

“Worryingly, many employers who have made the positive step of putting an effective benefits package in place are not reaping the rewards because they are failing to communicate their availability properly,” Avis said.

“Our research suggests a renewed focus on email updates, face-to-face communication, or an internal intranet system is a good place to start to fully articulate the availability of workplace benefits and give regular updates.”


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