This is the most archaic recruitment practice of 2018

As we continue on into 2018, it’s time to start looking at the hiring trends yet to come

This is the most archaic recruitment practice of 2018

How to attract, retain and improve upon top talent is an ever-evolving practice that HR leaders must constantly monitor. So, as we continue on into 2018, it’s time to start looking at the hiring trends yet to come.

We caught up with Ryan Lazar, head of sales – Canada at CareerBuilder, who revealed which recruitment trends will be coming to the fore in the next five years.

“A couple of things have picked up, which will only continue to escalate on the front end,” explained Lazar.

“First off, low unemployment rates are really impacting the talent market. As such, employers need to create talent communities which are automated. In fact, 51% of organizations plan to spend more on talent acquisition this year.

“Video interviewing will enjoy a 55% uplift in spend for companies. I also think bots are coming into recruitment in a big way. Having spoken to a lot of our clients, they’re interested in having automated tolls on their websites which will talk directly to the candidate.”

On the flip side, in regards to the recruiter angle, Lazar revealed that automation will come into play. AI will help recruiters talk to more people and remove the manual work they’re doing. Lazar added that “predictive analytics” will see more a focus.

Lazar also shared the archaic practices he still believes are in use in the industry – with on in particular annoying him the most.

“If you still have an applicant tracking system that’s not mobile optimized, this really needs to change quickly,” he told HRD Canada.

“It’s incredibly rare – I would stress this – but nevertheless it does happen. If you’re trying to force candidates into logging in and creating a time-consuming profile, candidates simply won’t do it.

“I would challenge companies to try to two to three new initiatives every single year. Directors should be holding their managers accountable for this, in order to push forward goals – this will help keep everything fresh and relevant.”

Lazar will be speaking at HRD Canada’s upcoming HR Tech Summit on 26th & 27th in Toronto. To book your place, and take a look at our exciting agenda, follow the link here.


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