Shocking number of employees don't know their organization's values

Values and branding are growing in importance on HR's agenda

Shocking number of employees don't know their organization's values

Values and branding are growing in importance on HR’s agenda. Candidates are increasingly drawn to originations with values which align with their own, and recruiters have been known to place cultural fit over other jobseeker attributes.

That being said, a recent report from Rungway found that 52% of employees in can’t recite their organization’s vision. Furthermore, 49% can’t recite their organization’s values.

Two in five employees interviewed said they wish they could participate more in shaping their company’s vision. More than one quarter of workers said they think their business’ values contain superfluous amounts of jargon, with 18% adding that they simply don’t reflect the reality of day-to-day life in the organization.   

“Company visions and values need to represent an organization’s purpose and inspire employees to contribute to that mission, so it’s worrying that so many employees don't know what these are,” added Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway.

The most critical of corporate jargon seems to be the generation now entering into the workforce – with 31% believing their company goes over the top with unnecessary language. Older workers are the least likely demographic to be able to recite their company’ values.

“The research also shows more workers want to be more involved in contributing to vision and values, so companies need to work harder to engage their people in the process and think creatively to encourage everyone to find their voice,” continued Chakraverty.

“Boards are really focusing on employer branding, and in the fight for talent, companies must collaborate with their people to create compelling narratives that motivate the talent they have to stay on-side. Unengaged employees will walk away if nothing changes.”

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