One in five Canadians vow to quit if HR doesn’t offer them a pay rise

Research released today painted a worrying picture for employers

One in five Canadians vow to quit if HR doesn’t offer them a pay rise

Half of Canadian employees believe they’re earning much less than they deserve – according to data released today from Robert Half. The study, made in conjunction with their 2022 Salary Guide, shed light on the disconnect between leadership teams and their workers across the nation.

The report found that nearly one in five employees (18%) would consider quitting their job if they don’t get a raise by year’s end – with Millennials and female workers feeling the most short-changed.

"Renewed business confidence is boosting hiring activity in professional industries across Canada, and the need for skilled workers is at an all-time high," added David King, Canadian senior district president of Robert Half. "Professionals are in the driver's seat when it comes to negotiating a raise or new role — and they are interested in more than just pay. Companies need to align their total compensation package with market trends and employee expectations."

When it comes to negotiating better employment terms, the research found that most employees want a ‘total compensation package’ rather than a one-off pay bump. These additional perks include;

  • Flexible work schedules: 75%
  • Remote work options: 61%
  • Employee discounts: 40%

For HR leaders, the issue became not only how to hold on to these workers, but where to find them in the first place. Almost six in 10 (59%) HR managers will look locally for candidates before they look outside their city. However, 17% have vowed to look ‘anywhere’ given the talent shortage in their organization.

"While hiring is top of mind right now, keeping current employees motivated and engaged also needs to be an ongoing priority for organizations," added King. "This includes regularly benchmarking salaries and identifying factors that enhance job satisfaction, such as opportunities for advancement, flexible schedules, and programs that support employee well-being."

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