Job hunter numbers jump as CRB winds down

New figures show that you may receive some more job applications soon

Job hunter numbers jump as CRB winds down

Job search activity picked up amongst Canadians last month, according to the latest research from Indeed Canada. Canadian job searches rose to 30% in October, five percent higher than the 25% reported the month before, according to the latest Indeed Job Search Survey.

The study pooled the responses of Canadian adults aged 18 to 64, taken between October 11 and 20 - just days after the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) ended. Notably, the results revealed that job search activity was led by unemployed members of society - the sector supported by the CRB. The figures also found that numbers in October were much higher than September's. According to the research, 39% of non-employed Canadians were behind October’s rise in job search activity, much higher than the 32% recorded in September. Among these workers, 22% said they are urgently searching for a job, while 17% said it is not urgent.

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The research said the hike could be attributed to the changes in eligibility for the Employment Insurance, as well as the nearing expiration of the Canada Recovery Benefit. It added that while it might be "too soon" for the effects of policy changes to be reflected in the charts, current data suggests that there is increased financial strain among those unemployed.

"Given financial difficulties are a common reason for urgent job search, whether the jump in job seekers searching urgently persists will be a potential warning indicator of increased financial strain among those out of work," the study read.

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