Is this the biggest rec tech mistake you’re making?

We all like to think that technology is the answer to everything

Is this the biggest rec tech mistake you’re making?

We all like to think that technology is the answer to everything. We have apps for fitness, for socializing – even for diagnosing our aliments. But the truth is that tech will only get you so far -  it’s up to us humans to know how to implement it correctly.

Stacy Donovan Zapar is world-renowned talent expert and founder of The Talent Agency. She’ll also be speaking at our upcoming HR Tech Summit in Toronto on June 26th & 27th.

We caught up with her ahead of the big day, to pick her brains over what she believes are the biggest and most costly mistakes employers make when it comes to recruitment and technology.

“I don’t know that I can pinpoint one issues that’s the overarching problem in recruitment,” she prefaced. “That would be too easy. However, if I went with my gut instinct, I’d say in general organizations trend to treat candidates like a commodity, or a number. As if jobseekers are a supply chain resource. I feel there’s a lack of focus on the human elements and on the candidate experience.”

You have to remember, this all impacts branding – so it’s important employers make the candidate journey as positive as possible.

“In some ways, I think technology may have made people lazy,” she continued. “We’re depending on technology to get the people through the process in an efficient way. But in this drive for efficiency and optimization, there’s a chance the candidates get lost in the process.

“I don’t know if decision makers are really going to care that much about candidate experience – however, I think it’s important we remember we’re dealing with real people here and their real lives.”

As time goes on, will this person-to-person connection dwindle? Considering the epidemic of loneliness we’re experiencing as a nation right now, can we really afford to start automating the human elements of all our business interactions?

“I’m all for automation in regards to manual processes,” added Stacy. “Anything that’s a back and forth inefficient process, let’s automate that. But, I see a lot of companies automate engagement that reaches out to potential candidates – it just ends up as spam.

“Technology has made us slack and as a result the candidate experience suffers and the reputation of the recruitment industry as a whole suffers.”

It’s all about implementing emerging HR technology and deploying it with a distinctly human touch. Remember, throwing technology at a problem won’t solve anything unless you’re there to guide it along.

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