HR eschewing traditional employees

A new survey of global HR leaders shows a notable trend towards robotics and continent staff.

HR eschewing traditional employees
It seems HR leaders are increasingly eschewing traditional employees for more modern alternatives as one new survey shows a notable trend towards robotics and contingent staff.

Randstad Sourceright’s 2017 Talent Trends Report found that one-quarter of businesses have increased the use of automation and robotics in the past 12 months while one-third are preparing to increase the use of freelance workers to account for as much as 30 percent of their workforce.

 “Global shifts toward automation and a gig economy have caused businesses to change their talent management strategies to maintain a highly agile workforce,” said Rebecca Henderson, CEO of Randstad Sourceright.

“This has resulted in an increased use of contingent talent, which not only has improved the agility of companies but also created a number of new opportunities for workers across the globe.”

The global HR leaders surveyed pointed to a growing concern over talent scarcity as the reason behind increased use of automation and contingent workers with more than 80 per cent saying their company will be affected by talent scarcity in 2017. 

Michel Stokvis, managing director at Randstad’s Talent Innovation Centre, said the concern was also driving innovation in talent strategies and recruiting practices.

“Smart companies are eliminating traditional talent silos and building human capital models that incorporate permanent employees, temporary staff, freelancers, contractors and robotics to meet talent needs,” he said.

“These companies have brought human resources and procurement functions together in a joint strategy focused on putting the right resource into a role, whether that is a permanent, full-time employee or several contingent workers.”

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