HR employee fired for allegedly mocking jobseeker’s English

Applicant’s daughter took a screen grab of the e-mail and posted it on Twitter

HR employee fired for allegedly mocking jobseeker’s English
A delivery service company in Seattle has fired an HR employee who appeared to mock a job applicant’s English in an email.

Dash Delivery has also apologized to Minh Huynh, the Vietnamese immigrant seeking a job, after his daughter posted a screen grab of the employee’s insulting email response on Twitter, reported ABC News.

“Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home,” the employee wrote, underlining “if you no speak English.”

Eighteen-year-old Emily Huynh, the applicant’s daughter, called out the employee in a tweet shared with her 300 followers; the post went viral after just a few days.

The day after she posted the screenshot of the email, Emily Huynh said that she received an apology from the company. She also shared it on her Twitter feed.

In its apology, Dash Delivery said that the email was “inappropriate and inconsistent with our company’s values.”

“While it is true that communicating effectively in English is an important part of the job in question, the manner in which [the employee in question] communicated with you was highly inappropriate and following our investigation he is no longer employed with the company.”
Owner Kevin Bus told ABC News that the Huynh family had accepted his apology.

The employee, he said, “was hired on to help us with recruiting and interviews but didn’t have a management role. We hope that everyone who has been affected by this insensitive remark can accept our heartfelt apologies”.

Huynh, who previously worked as a truck driver, has now received “a lot of other job offers”.

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