How much do your employees actually like you?

The truth may surprise you

How much do your employees actually like you?

How happy are you with your manager’s leadership? Eight in 10 employees in Canada, on average, are happy working with their bosses, according to a study by staffing firm OfficeTeam.

The positive feelings don’t end there:

  • 42% believe they have a good manager
  • 27% consider their manager to be a mentor and
  • 26% treat their boss like a friend.

However, not all those who participated in the study shared the optimism of their colleagues. More than one in five workers, on average, gave their managers less-than-stellar ratings in terms of their leadership:

  • 15% believe their boss is a micromanager and
  • 13% claim their manager is incompetent.

OfficeTeam District President Koula Vasilopoulos explained the value of having a good working relationship between managers and their employees.

“It’s important that mangers recognize the impact of their role as leaders in establishing positive work relationships, and supporting the satisfaction, performance, and engagement of their employees,” Vasilopoulos said.

“Successful leaders are those who take an active interest in their staff's professional development and career growth, and encourage greater autonomy over projects, to inspire increased confidence, productivity, and overall commitment to the business.”

The researchers interviewed more than 570 workers aged 18 years and above. All of the respondents were employed in offices across Canada.

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