Ford on taxing unvaccinated Ontarians: 'We aren't going down that road'

'We're going to take a different approach', vows Premier

Ford on taxing unvaccinated Ontarians: 'We aren't going down that road'

"We aren't going down that road."

This was the reply of Ontario Premier Doug Ford when asked if the provincial government would also impose taxes on unvaccinated Ontarians, a policy first announced by Quebec early this week.

Ford, however, pleaded to the public to get their jabs and protect their families and co-workers from COVID-19.

"We're taking a different approach. We aren't going down that road. We're going to take a different approach, but I implore, I ask, I beg every single person that's not vaccinated please protect yourself, protect your family, protect co-workers. Please get your vaccination," he said in full as quoted by Global News.

Previously, Ontario's top doctor Kieran Moore also said in a separate statement that they have not made the recommendation to the provincial government, describing that the said policy was "punitive."

"It's not one that we would bring forward. It does, in my mind, seem punitive. We have always been supportive of adults making informed decisions for vaccination and trying to increase availability and accessibility," Moore was quoted as saying by Global News.

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The announcement of Quebec to impose taxes on unvaccinated citizens drew mixed reactions from the public. However, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said on a tweet that appointments for getting the first dose of the vaccine was the highest in several days.

"It's encouraging!" he tweeted.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, said in a press briefing that he is still waiting for details on the policy from Quebec.

"We've received that proposal with interest by the Quebec government, but there's a lot more details that we have to hear on how this would work before I can make any comments on it," he said.

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