Drained at your desk? Most staff are tired on the job

Employers should set a good example

Drained at your desk? Most staff are tired on the job

Are you feeling worn out at work? You’re not alone. Almost eight in 10 workers in Canada said they often feel exhausted, research showed.

Nearly half of respondents (45%) said they felt tired from work somewhat often, while almost a third (31%) reported feeling exhausted very often.

The study led by staffing firm Accountemps offers the latest proof of how “a good night’s rest has a tangible effect on quality of work”.

“Exhaustion often limits professionals’ ability to be focused, productive, and positive members of their team,” said David King, Canadian president of Accountemps.

“Managers should be alert to signs of employee fatigue, and work with staff to identify potential contributing factors in the workplace,” King said.

The staffing firm suggests the following strategies to help employees deal with exhaustion:

  1. Ask for help before you burn out. Managers can help set priorities or delegate tasks.
  2. Leave work at the office door. After your shift, go for a walk or participate in a yoga class to help you de-stress.
  3. Don’t bring gadgets to bed. The bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.

Employers should also set a good example by working reasonable hours, and ask employees how best to support them in their tasks. For teams that are overloaded, they can bring in temporary staff to cover for them.

“By offering realistic support – like temporary professionals to assist when workloads rise, guidance in prioritizing tight deadlines, and encouraging employees to unplug after-hours – managers can help mitigate any work-related stressors keeping staff up at night,” King said.


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