City launches HR portal connecting Ukrainian jobseekers to employers

The move is a win-win for employers and refugees alike

City launches HR portal connecting Ukrainian jobseekers to employers

The city of Winnipeg has expanded its existing job portal to help match Manitoba's employers with Ukrainian refugees who might be looking for new sources of income amid their country's ongoing crisis with Russia.

The YES! Winnipeg International Job Connections Portal is built on the city's previous employment platform that can now connect job seekers from Ukraine with Manitoba employers without any cost.

"We're proud the job portal can now be used to help in a crisis and give hope to Ukrainians that if they come here, even temporarily, they could have a job before they even leave Ukraine. It gives them some certainty in uncertain times," said Yvonne Kinley, YES! Winnipeg's Director of Talent and Workforce, in a statement.

A team has been established to deliver webinars that aim to help employers through the process of getting on the portal and assist them throughout the hiring procedure.

The job portal was developed by YES! Winnipeg, the business development team of the Economic Development Winnipeg.

Dayna Spiring, president and chief executive officer of Economic Development Winnipeg, said in a statement that the YES! Winnipeg talent team leveraged its existing job portal to connect Ukrainians who are looking for temporary and permanent jobs in Manitoba.

"Our network of connections among our business community is vast and diverse. We're using that network to help people find safety and financial security here in our province," said Spiring.

For the project, the Economic Development Winnipeg has partnered with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Manitoba Provincial Council (UCC-MPC), the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, as well as the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Through the UCC, Manitoba is connected on the ground with Ukraine jobseekers, who are linked to local employers through the UCC-MPC, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

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Manitoba, a multicultural province, is home to the largest Ukrainian-Canadian community across Canada.

"So, it's a natural fit for Ukrainian nationals and their immediate family members of any nationality to be a part of our city and province during this time of incredible turmoil," said the Economic Development Winnipeg in a statement.

According to Joan Lewandosky, UCC-MPC president, the province is in a "unique position" to help Ukrainians because of its diaspora community.

"YES! Winnipeg's job portal has been tailored specifically for Ukrainian nationals and is a critical tool for those seeking employment to support themselves and their families," said Lewandosky. "We are grateful to YES! Winnipeg which has demonstrated concrete action to welcome Ukrainians displaced by the war to our province."

Aside from Manitoba, the province of Ontario also previous announced that it is opening its doors for Ukrainian refugees.

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