Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman was a journalist for HRM Online Canada, and Insurance Business Online.

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Cultivate your next star: Turn interns into employees

Many organizations have an internship program out of obligation or tradition, but most are missing the opportunity to turn interns into the next star employees.

HR's role in fostering ethical workplaces

The ethical tone of a workplace is set at the most senior level of an organization and expert commentators warn that HR has a crucial role to play in maintaining honesty and integrity.

Managing the autonomous worker

Gen Y and connectivity often get the blame for the development of more independent, self-managing attitudes towards work, the cause – and the solution – might not be what you think.

Can you make your workplace happier? You bet

When your employees are happy, they are also more creative, productive, less likely to leave the company, less absent, and less conflicts at work which means more money and better product. HRM offers 15 ways to start reinventing your workplace.

Pick potential over performance every time

Are you being dazzled by results in the ‘here and now’, instead of looking at longer term leadership potential? It’s not always the shining starts who have the most potential.

ROI in older worker health is quantifiable

A leading Australian expert in labour market studies has determined that workplaces that don’t invest in the health and wellbeing of older workers are effectively shooting themselves in the foot.

Time off for charity work can improve retention

Allow staff paid time off to engage in charity work and you could boost retention and motivation at the same time as positively associating your company with a community cause.

What to do when your star resigns

Many teams can identify with having a ‘star’ employee – that one person who makes things run all the more smoothly. So what can HR do to minimize the impact of their resignation?

CEO onboarding can’t be shirked

The head of the company, the CEO, is ultimately still a team member – and those in the top job need just as much help before starting a new appointment as do junior staff, a leading recruiter has warned.

Resume errors the death knell for applicants?

How many resume blunders is too many, and should HR consider candidates with typos and style errors in their resume?