The weirdest applications recruiters get

Candidates are going to extreme lengths to get to the top of the resumé pile – from unusual to downright creepy

The weirdest applications recruiters get
Hiring managers sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumés, conduct countless hours of interviews, all to find the one person that fits their team. That can mean a lot of pressure for applicants to try to stand out.

Earlier this year, CareerBuilder asked over 2,000 hiring and human resource managers for the most memorable stunts applicants have pulled over the years to land a job.

Here are some of the more unusual tactics they’ve resorted to:
  • Candidate gave the hiring manager a baseball that read: "This is my best pitch of why you should hire me."
  • Candidate sent the hiring manager daisies with a note that said "Pick me, pick me."
  • Candidate brought their mother to the interview as an in-person character reference.
  • Candidate developed a whole website dedicated to the hiring manager, asking to be hired.
  • Candidate hugged the hiring manager when introduced instead of shaking hands.
  • Candidate got up from interview and started waiting on customers because the business got busy.
  • Hiring manager had a candidate volunteer to work at the business for a month before submitting an application to show that she was able to do the job.
  • Candidate presented a thick scrapbook of certificates, awards and letters.
  • Candidate sent a Christmas card every year for three years.
  • Candidate sent a cake with their resume printed on it.

Sure, managers remember these applications best. But that doesn’t necessarily make them the best applications.

CareerBuilder warned that stunts can have a negative impact on your chances of getting the job.

According to their survey, more than a quarter of employers (26%) say unusual attention-seeking antics from job seekers would make them less likely to call a candidate in for an interview.

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